Bermuda Race – Dorade a winner!

Dorade - Bermuda Race 2014
It was the slowest Bermuda race in history, with boats becalmed multiple times. A race that normally lasts three days stretched on to four… and then five… and some boats are still out there today. You might assume that would make it a relaxed affair, but in fact it was a physical and psychological marathon for those boats who were determined to win.

And win we did. Dorade came in first in her division in IRC, second in her division in ORR. Matching Rod and Olin’s best Bermuda showing from the 1930s. And the credit for that wins goes to Matt, for his leadership and vision, and to an extraordinarily skilled and dedicated crew who have sailed aboard Dorade many times: Matt Wachowicz, Kevin Miller, Jamie Hilton, and Paul Foley, as well as the new additions to the family, Dave Young and Tim Harris. And of course, the team that helped prep the boat and the program for this especially trying race: Eric Chowanski, Tim Cope, and Nick Bellico, the IYRS Nipper.

An especially big thank you to our boat captain, Hannah Jenner, who had to watch from afar because of the restrictions on the number of pros on the boat in this particular race. I know she would much rather have been on board, and frankly I think the entire team feels the same.

Up next: Corsica, Cannes, and St Tropez!

Team Photo 2014 Bermuda Race

Team Photo 2014 Bermuda Race

Standing, from left to right:
1. Matt Wachowicz
2. Matt Brooks
3. Kevin Miller
4. David Young

Sitting, front left to right:
5. Jamie Hilton with Sparky the dog
6. Tim Harris
7. Paul Foley

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  1. Ben Galloway says:

    Congratulations on a tough race! Send my best to the team.

  2. John Hays says:

    Well done Matt! A great result after a long slow race!!!

  3. Ashley Perrin says:

    Well done on the first in class Newport Bermuda. It was a long race!

  4. Jens Lange says:

    I wish you a very happy Birthday and all the best for the upcoming year! ‘Hope you can enjoy a nice day in Bermuda…

    Also me congratulations to another class victory for DORADE in the Bermuda race, I was feeling your pain when there was not enough wind and followed DORADE’s Corinthian assistance to WANDRIAN – another race to be truly proud of!

    Looking forward to see you in Newport in two weeks…


  5. Earl McMillen III says:

    Congratulations on Dorade’s #2 in class in the Bermuda Race! That is a great achievement.

  6. Watching with great interest…congrats to Matt and the crew and DORADE herself!

  7. Nick Jeffery says:

    Congratulations on Dorade’s win in Bermuda Race!!
    New YCM clubhouse is now open and look forward to hearing about the race when you are over here. I shall check in the library to see if Dorade book is there.