The New Chapter

Dorade in Cowes

Dorade in Cowes


After finishing the Rolex Fastnet race will very honorable placing, we continue to move forward.  Ben and I took Dorade from Plymouth back to Cowes over the weekend.  We then began our prep for shipping to Malta.

I have mentioned before that Dorade has many different modes, race mode, show mode, delivery mode, shipping mode, and yard mode.  This was a new type of mode for Dorade. Race mode and shipping mode.  We spent the week getting her race ready and also shipping ready.  We will be shipping Dorade to Malta between the 10-15 of September for the Rolex Middle Sea Race. This week was all about having Dorade ready to ship and race ready upon arrival. This includes all sails, rigging, deck gear, personal gear, safety gear, etc. to be serviced and stowed. While getting her race ready we also had to strip the deck of basically all moving parts, mouse out all halyards, lay protection down where needed, and having all interior race ready and also everything stowed away and ready to ship.

We will also be shipping our Container to Malta. Ben and I finished up with Dorade and moved on to the Container work. This includes cleaning, organizing, and strapping everything down.  Dorade and the Container are now ready to head to Malta.

The finish of the Fastnet race completed the Return to Blue Water Series.  Not only did Matt materialize “Matt’s Crazy Idea”, he has completed it with outstanding results. I believe we all had a lot of help from Olin himself and I believe Olin is very happy with Dorade’s accomplishments.

Now we move on to the new chapter in Dorade’s life. And with Matt Brooks writing this new chapter….Anything is possible.



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  1. Gansettgrl says

    Good Job. Looking forward to whatever is possible!

  2. Mason Brandt says

    Having spent many years aboard dorade under mr eddy who like mr brooks loved dorade, it has been such a wonderful ride for me to follow all of you on this adventure of yours mr brooks is the perfect steward for dorade and his love of her. Dorade is being used just as she was ment to be, you made me smile many times during the past month allowing me to remember so many wonderful times. Can’t wait for the next chapter