Brisbane to Keppel Race: Dorade Update

The team is currently a little less than 40 miles out from the finish! Read the latest update from Navigator Kevin Miller earlier today here: 

“We’re just getting back into cell range now and are 50 miles out from the finish in a bit of a thunder and lightning storm. We were winning both classes until we got stuck in a hole off Frasier Island and had to anchor to avoid getting swept onto the reef. (We could have started the engine but would have had to drop out.) There was 1.5 knots of current and the wind shut down, and some the boats that could sail faster than the current were able to get around the end of the island and out of the current. We lost 30 miles in that one event, so I’m hoping the boats in front get stuck somewhere before the finish to even the playing field. You never know in this game and we’re scrapping for every mile.

“It’s been a hard fought race with only a little bit of ideal Dorade conditions, and lots of time under the drifter. The boat and team are performing well and we’re looking forward to the finish line and no more sail changes.

“As a side note, when we were anchored in the middle of the night we were surrounded by Humpback whales (less than 100 feet) and you could hear them communicating through the hull! One swam between our anchor and us! It was amazing and a bit scary at the same time.”

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