Onboard During the Newport Bermuda Race

390 miles into the 635-mile Newport Bermuda Race. Click here to follow the team live! 

How to Help the Caribbean

The Caribbean holds such an important place in our team's heart and our thoughts and condolences go out to all the islands that have been devastated

A Few Words from the Crew

After wrapping up at LMI, Ben and crew moved Dorade to the docks at IYRS. After speaking with the crew, everyone is in high spirits and is happy with the

Transatlantic Countdown Day 4: Reflection by Terry Nathan

“It’s pretty difficult to appreciate sailing and racing without understanding the past and how we got to the present. Dorade, on the water recreating

Dorade Container Leaves for the Cowes!

This morning we finalized the packing of the Container, locked the doors and got the seal on the entrance door. We then loaded the Container onto the truck

New Running Rigging

All new running rigging labeled and stored.

2015 Transatlantic Race May Take Longer

According to The Transatlantic Race organizers, this year's race may take longer than times past. One reason that this year's Transatlantic Race may

Thierry Seray

Dorade Crew. Antibes, a few years ago

Haul Out Inspection

Today's haul out did not reveal any surprises. A bit of sanding and then back in the water as soon as possible!