Can we call it winter yet?

Since I arrived in newport back in November straight from the Mediterranean, I have complained of being cold! Well not really complained, I actually like

At least it’s dry in here

The team working away at the re caulking job are cracking on at quite a pace. Now all the black rubber had been removed, they are busy reefing out the

Dorade Model to be part of NYYC Marine Art & History Month

Dorade to join the New York Yacht Club's celebration of Marine Art and History Month. On Saturday, March 21 and Thursday, March 26 (44th Street). Carina

Ready, steady, GO…

January has bought with it a flurry of activity around Dorade. The doors went on the shed after a cold snap that saw temperatures drop to 0 and snow fall

St. Francis Yacht Club “Yachtsman of the Year”

Matt recently received the Jerome B. White Trophy. A trophy from the St. Francis Yacht Club awarded annually to the St. Francis Yachtsman of the Year.

Happy Holidays from Newport

Just a quick message to all of our Dorade fans and enthusiasts, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to an exciting new year

The Dorade Model

Dorade Blog, 021: The basswood deck is being laid on the 1:32-scale model of Dorade. To maintain symmetry, each port-starboard pair of 0.047-inch-wide

Royal Ocean Racing Club Yearbook 2015

Dorade was mentioned in the article in the 2015 Yearbook of the Royal Ocean Racing Club. The article "Titans across the Atlantic" by Lizzy Narraway mentions

It’s cold but that is ok

Being back in the boatyard in Newport in December is a little different from the last time I was here. I must get asked several times per day about