Prepping for the Mediterranean beauty contest

Had Dorade left Bermuda on her own bottom we would still be out in the Atlantic living the simple life of eat, sleep, sail. ETA in the med would probably

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So its been a hectic but very productive first week in Palma. After the mad rush to get Dorade off of the ship, we have quickly started to disassemble

More 2014 Bermuda Race Photos

2014 Bermuda Race - Photos courtesy of Billy Black

2014 Bermuda Race Photos

Bermuda Race 2014 - photos from the finish courtesy of Kris and Mary Foley.

Dorade is almost in the Mediterranean

Dorade is almost in the Med! Latest AIS tracking shows the ship she is loaded on just off of Gibralter. Tim and Hannah fly to Palma on Monday ready to

Dorade wins her class in the Newport to Bermuda Race

I had never experienced preparing a boat for a race and then waving goodbye as it sailed over the horizon until the start of the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race.

Dorade wins in Bermuda

Dorade wins first in class in the IRC division and second in class in the ORR division in the 2014 Newport to Bermuda Race. Awards were presented

Bermuda Race – Dorade a winner!

It was the slowest Bermuda race in history, with boats becalmed multiple times. A race that normally lasts three days stretched on to four... and then

Update 2014-06-21 10:29am

At 5am this morning Dorade took the lead in the IRC Overall standings, in first place just ahead of rives potts' Carina, winner of two Bermuda races. shes