Beating the stormy weather

A brief weather window opened up for us on Monday allowing us a smooth passage from Port Grimaud to Genoa. Since the end of Les Voiles, the weather

Winners in Cannes

Photos of Dorade Crew with the 1st place trophy. Cannes 2014. Photos courtesy of Don Verhees.

Not such a nice day at the office

So as soon as the team leave town after 3 days of sunshine and light airs sailing during Les Voiles all hell breaks loose. The weather gods have not

A fabulous end to a successful Med season

All the way back in July, Dorade was lowered into the Mediterranean Sea from on board the ship that carried her across from Bermuda. After emerging

Crew breakfast at Cannes

Photo courtesy of Jean-Pierre NICOL

From Cannes to St. Tropez

It seems to be a theme of our Mediterranean racing circuit that day one of each event is cancelled due to high winds. Corsica, Cannes and now St Tropez

Title: Who wore it best?

Despite the first day of racing here at the Regattes Royal in Cannes being cancelled due to strong wind conditions, the Dorade team were informed by our

Corsica Classic Regatta

Photos from the 2014 Corsica Classic Regatta. Pictures courtesy of Bernard Rubinstein

The Dorade Model

This cronicles the continuing work of Rob Napier on the creation of the Dorade model. The model will represent the yawl as she was when she won the Trans-Atlantic