Team Dorade looks back at the first restoration of Dorade with the man who put several Sparkman & Stephens designs back in fighting trim

DORADE: S&S Design No. 7, 1929 – Minneford Yacht Yard, City Island, N.Y.

MISSION: Dorade was born to race in the open ocean. The goal for our current restoration and future sailing is to prepare Dorade to once again perform as a highly competitive ocean racer. To this end, I think it is essential that we work and consult with S&S, while continuing to rely on the advice, input and involvement of the current Dorade Team. By fostering active collaboration between Dorade’s original designer’s and her current keepers we will ensure that her history is honored and her lineage protected. We all acknowledge that Dorade is a very special craft, and all of us are committed to her preservation. 


“The scenario must be as old as sport. Competition builds along certain lines which suit the participants and thus a norm is established. From year to year marginal advances are the rule. Then along comes someone, something of an outsider and more single-minded in his efforts to win, who seizes an opportunity that is obvious to him though unrecognized by the routine participants. The new player exploits a new way that offers a winning margin. I have wondered whether this is good for the sport, yet I recognize it as part of the game. It keeps competitors on their toes. In 1929 I sensed the opening.”

-Olin Stephens


Smiles across the board as the crew celebrates their historic victory in Diamond Head. In addition to owner Matt Brooks, the 2013 Transpac Dorade crew included Matt Wachowicz, Kevin Miller, Ben Galloway, Hannah Jenner, John Hays, and Eric Chowansky.

📸: Doug Gifford/ @sharon_green_ultimatesailing

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It takes work to look this good! The crew varnishes the brightwork after the 1931 Fastnet Race.

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A different kind of race. Rod Stephens perches on the headstay looking for wind during Dorade's 1931 Fastnet Race victory.

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The goal of Dorade's "Return to Blue Water" campaign was to repeat all of the major ocean races the yacht had won in the 1930s, matching or bettering her original performance in the Transatlantic, Newport Bermuda, Fastnet, and TransPacific. In this photo, Matt's at the helm at the beginning of the 2013 Transpac Race.

[📸: Doug Gifford/ @sharon_green_ultimatesailing ]

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This month, we begin our look back at the 2013 Transpacific Yacht Race in the lead-up to the 10th anniversary of Dorade's historic win. Staggered starts begin on June 27th for this biennial offshore yacht race, a run of 2,225 nautical miles that starts off the Pt. Fermin buoy in San Pedro, California, and ends off Diamond Head on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Today's photo was taken near the 2013 finish.

[📸: @sharon_green_ultimatesailing ]

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One of Dorade's first forays out under new ownership, Matt steers at Sail for Hope Regatta in Newport, RI in 2010, coming in 1st in the Classic Division.

[📸: Pam Rorke Levy]

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