The New Chapter

  After finishing the Rolex Fastnet race will very honorable placing, we continue to move forward. ┬áBen and I took Dorade from Plymouth back

Fastnet Race Prep during Cowes Week

Report from Nick Bellico: It has been a busy week here in Cowes, not only with the boat prep, container work, servicing gear, and Fastnet race prep,

A Few Words from the Crew

After wrapping up at LMI, Ben and crew moved Dorade to the docks at IYRS. After speaking with the crew, everyone is in high spirits and is happy with the

Jumping Hurdles

As we move closer to the Trans-Atlantic race we have a lot to accomplish which inevitably brings some hurdles to overcome. As mentioned before we had

Shifting Gears

Coming out of the refit and re-launch, Dorade and the team has shifted gears. We have to switch from refit mode to race mode. This entails getting the

The Re-Launch Hiccups

  With the cold winter refit and the re-launch behind us Dorade is happy to be off the hard and sitting at the dock outside LMI. Through the re-launch