January 7, 2013

Recently, a old WALKER'S KNOTMASTER LOG Model KDO MARK IIIA was returned to Dorade. The Knotmaster Log model - K D O Mark III A, manufactured by Thos. Walker & Son Ltd, Birmingham, England; circa mid-20th century. Greg Stewart of Nelson/Marek Yacht Design, Inc., the Naval Architect for Dorade and Commodore of the Ancients Mariners […]

January 14, 2011

Sometime in the mid 1800's an oak tree was felled in northern Ohio. Lacking chain saws or other powered saws, the lumber jacks squared up the tree to 16" X 30' - by hand with axe and adze. They then floated and shipped the wood to a shipyard in Charlestown, Boston. Intentionally buried in the […]