Dorade Container Leaves for the Cowes!

This morning we finalized the packing of the Container, locked the doors and got the seal on the entrance door. We then loaded the Container onto the truck

10-Day Countdown to Transatlantic: How to Follow Dorade

In ten days, on June 28, the legendary ocean racing yacht Dorade will attempt to repeat her first and most significant victory when she embarks on the

New Running Rigging

All new running rigging labeled and stored.

2015 Transatlantic Race May Take Longer

According to The Transatlantic Race organizers, this year's race may take longer than times past. One reason that this year's Transatlantic Race may

Thierry Seray

Dorade Crew. Antibes, a few years ago

Haul Out Inspection

Today's haul out did not reveal any surprises. A bit of sanding and then back in the water as soon as possible!

Team Dorade Overnight Training

Team Dorade getting some night hour last week.

How Does Dorade Crew Stay Awake?

With the help of Gimbaling espresso machine.

Transatlantic Race 2015: Dorade’s Quest to Repeat her 1931 Transatlantic Race Victory

An Extraordinary Link with Yachting History: Dorade's Quest to Repeat her 1931 Transatlantic Race Victory NEWPORT, R.I. (June 4, 2015) – In late