th_Main635677108431517730_Dorade-RSNewport-RYS- RYS Bicentenary preparations in full swing May 20, 2015 - Here is the full blog and link to The Cowes UK News – RYS Bicentenary story. 20 May 2015 Celebrations commemorating the Royal Yacht Squadron’s Bicentenary International Regatta in Cowes are drawing closer and with less than 80 days left until the start of the event, for some competing yachts, […]
Jumping Hurdles May 20, 2015 - As we move closer to the Trans-Atlantic race we have a lot to accomplish which inevitably brings some hurdles to overcome. As mentioned before we had some fuel tank issues.  After removal of the tank finishing up on a Friday and knowing the Trans-Atlantic crew will be coming Monday for […]
Myles’ Blog May 15, 2015 - This week has been very busy for Dorade.  She has been sailing every day with her crew, while Nick tunes up, assembles and organizes gear on and off the boat.  I have been cranking along in the evenings after school picking up where Nick leaves off.  I am learning a […]
Dorade awaiting Matt and Pam Shifting Gears May 10, 2015 - Coming out of the refit and re-launch, Dorade and the team has shifted gears. We have to switch from refit mode to race mode. This entails getting the containers organized, inventoried and shipped, rigging the boat and tuning the rigs, done by Rig Pro Southern Spars, and loading the gear. […]
The Re-Launch Hiccups May 10, 2015 -   With the cold winter refit and the re-launch behind us Dorade is happy to be off the hard and sitting at the dock outside LMI. Through the re-launch and we had a couple hiccups of getting back in the water. As we know when Dorade moves in the slings […]
"Profile Pic" Myles’ Blog May 2, 2015 - As Dorade sits and sways gently in her quiet corner of the Hinckley Marina, she receives tiny bursts of wake from the jetty opening that tease anticipation of the imminent towering crests that shall soon to be overcome. She is patient, as are her caretakers, as we steadily move forward […]