Dorade TR2015: July 1 Log July 2, 2015 - We must be coming up to a big 24-hour record for Dorade, as we just hit 17.8 knots onboard. It’s amazing what you can do with this boat in the Gulf Stream down a big wave. Air temp in the boat is 91 °F and and it is wet and there is a lot […]
TR2015: Day 3 TR2015: June 29 Log July 1, 2015 - From Dorade Captain Ben Galloway: Yesterday I mentioned something about “Champagne sailing conditions” but since that statement, it has been anything but. We are fighting to stay in the favorable Gulf Stream, but the wind has been challenging that desired course. David Shilton described his last watch as a sail-changing […]
Dorade at the start off Newport, R.I. (Photo Credit: Daniel Forster) TR2015 Event Race Report: Day 1 June 30, 2015 - Stomach-Churning Opening Night Instead of launching straight into a downhill sleigh ride, the 13 first starters in the Transatlantic Race 2015 have endured a tricky first night at sea. The course west to east across the North Atlantic between Newport, USA, to the Lizard, in southwest England, is renowned for […]
Mike Giles and Matt Brooks wave goodbye to friends and family onboard Dorade (Credit: Jens Lange) Newport for the Transatlantic Race Start June 29, 2015 - Photos dockside at IYRS and off Newport, R.I. prior to the start of the 2015 Transatlantic Race
IMG_0875 2 2015 Transatlantic Race Start June 28, 2015 - Dorade started the 2,800 nautical mile Transatlantic Race today at 1:50 pm EST. The team, along with the 37 other boats, are bound for Plymouth, England. Race updates on Dorade will be posted daily on the Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To track the Transatlantic Race fleet in real-time, visit RETURN […]
Matt on Dorade Photo Mariah Dufur 2015 Transatlantic Race: Matt’s Biggest Challenge June 28, 2015 - “We all have a deep affection for Dorade, and great respect for Olin and Rod Stephens. We want to do the boat and her makers proud by sailing her well, and hopefully matching her performance when she was a brand new boat, back in 1931. But we also recognize that […]