The Team Working At least it’s dry in here January 23, 2015 - The team working away at the re caulking job are cracking on at quite a pace. Now all the black rubber had been removed, they are busy reefing out the seams and evening them up so when it comes to re caulk, our new black lines will be super smart […]
New York Yacht Club Dorade Model to be part of NYYC Marine Art & History Month January 21, 2015 - Dorade to join the New York Yacht Club’s celebration of Marine Art and History Month. On Saturday, March 21 and Thursday, March 26 (44th Street). Carina and Dorade Club Nights. Please join Harry Morgan and the Model Committee as they unveil new full-rigged models of a pair of storied Transatlantic […]
Ready, steady, GO… Ready, steady, GO… January 16, 2015 - January has bought with it a flurry of activity around Dorade. The doors went on the shed after a cold snap that saw temperatures drop to 0 and snow fall stick to the ground. We are shrouded in a plastic tent and have the most epic heater warming us up […]
The Jerome B. White Trophy St. Francis Yacht Club “Yachtsman of the Year” January 14, 2015 - Matt recently received the Jerome B. White Trophy. A trophy from the St. Francis Yacht Club awarded annually to the St. Francis Yachtsman of the Year. Awarded to William Mathews Brooks for 2014. The Jerome B. White “Yachtsman of the Year” Trophy The trophy is awarded each year by the […]
photo1 Happy Holidays from Newport December 29, 2014 - Just a quick message to all of our Dorade fans and enthusiasts, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to an exciting new year full of adventure. Although the boat yard is quiet right now Nick and I have been doing our homework projects over the […]
Dorade Model The Dorade Model December 24, 2014 - Dorade Blog, 021: The basswood deck is being laid on the 1:32-scale model of Dorade. To maintain symmetry, each port-starboard pair of 0.047-inch-wide planks is nibbed to the king plank in turn. When four pairs have been fitted, they are installed in two batches, one to starboard and one to […]