Dorade at the start line Corsica Classic Regatta September 19, 2014 - Photos from the 2014 Corsica Classic Regatta. Pictures courtesy of Bernard Rubinstein
Dorade Model 16 The Dorade Model September 15, 2014 - This cronicles the continuing work of Rob Napier on the creation of the Dorade model. The model will represent the yawl as she was when she won the Trans-Atlantic Race in 1931. Our previous blogs about Rob (found here) and the initial stages of his work (found here) last 2012 […]
Dorade Nipper’s Blog September 12, 2014 - Its been a busy few weeks since we left Palma for Corsica, via the container in St Tropez. During the racing around Corsica, I was tasked with driving the Dorade car around the island to each port of call, setting up hotels, scouting out the restaurants and making sure everything […]
Dorade Nipper’s Blog September 12, 2014 - After winning the Corsica Classic regatta, Dorade and I have a huge morale boost. I arrived here with Dorade and the crew at our birth in Port Grimaud with high spirits and eager hands. Our birth is next to another classic, Vagabundo, with three talented shipwrights working next to us. […]
Photo courtesy of Dominique Campana and Carol Haas About the 2014 Corsica Classic Cup September 10, 2014 - The artists Dominique Campana and Carol Haas are the creators of the trophy for the 2014 edition of the prestigious regatta the Corsica Classic. Inspired by sailing, the trophy is realized in handmade colored glass and sculpted stainless steel. The couple is known for large scale glass and metal sculpture. […]
YACHT- DORADE LVDSB - Main Dorade – St. Barth 2012 September 9, 2014 - As the saying goes… “Better Late than Never”. Attached is an article about Dorade from the German Magazine Yacht about her performance in the St. Barth Regatta 2012. YACHT-DORADE LVDSB