What were Rod and Olin doing 84 years ago today? 

Exactly 84 years ago today, Dorade was taking on day five of the 1931 Transatlantic Race. What follows are excerpts from the boat’s logbook* from July

TR2015: July 7 Update Dave Shilton

Dave “Naval” Shilton, July 7 My adventure on Dorade has been a very interesting one. When it comes to the weather, we’ve have had it all; mostly

TR2015: July 4-6 Log

From: Boat Captain Ben Galloway Monday Morning, July 6, 2015 The day before yesterday (Saturday, July 4) was one of my most memorable days of sailing

Dorade Sets All-Time Speed Records

Rod and Olin Stephens' fastest recorded speed on Dorade in the 1931 Transatlantic Race was11.4 knots, set when their father, Rod Stephens, Sr., was

TR2015: Interview with Matt

July 3, 2015, 5 p.m. EST:  We got into the Gulf Stream, so it’s been warm weather and lots of current. We are pretty sure we hit a 24-hour record

TR2015: July 2-3 Log

From Dorade Captain Ben Galloway: Yesterday was a sunny day, which gave us a chance to air the boat out, wash some clothes and take a shower; it’s

TR2015: July 1 Log

We must be coming up to a big 24-hour record for Dorade, as we just hit 17.8 knots onboard. It's amazing what you can do with this boat in the Gulf

TR2015: June 29 Log

From Dorade Captain Ben Galloway: Yesterday I mentioned something about “Champagne sailing conditions” but since that statement, it has been anything

TR2015 Event Race Report: Day 1

Stomach-Churning Opening Night Instead of launching straight into a downhill sleigh ride, the 13 first starters in the Transatlantic Race 2015